Dr. Picho Delivers AERA Workshop

RL-8: Using Factor Analysis for Survey Design and Validation
Recorded on September 1, 2020


  • Katherine Picho, Howard University (course director)
  • Marie Plaisime, Howard University

This interactive course provides a primer on survey development and the use of factor analysis to validate surveys. It is intended for educators (including administrators) and researchers at all levels, from novice to more experienced, who are either developing, implementing, or contemplating the use of questionnaires for research, program evaluation, or educational purposes. This course expounds on exploratory factor analysis as a crucial tool in the instrument validation process. It includes interactive presentations, small-group activities to practice skills, useful resource materials, and time for discussion with the instructor. Attendees will need access to SPSS or Stata.

Workshop Feedback:

It is amazing how Dr. Picho is explaining, in simple terms, a complex procedure like FA. Thanks to you and to the organizers for this great course.

– Abdul Aziz, A. 

This has been one of the best classes I have been to. Thank you Dr. Picho for your passion, enthusiasm, clarity, thoroughness, and simplicity in your teaching. I’ve learned more from you today than I remember learning in doc classes.

– Jayne, S.

​I started this workshop at 1am here in Singapore and it’s now 4.52am. I am amazed at how Dr Picho has been able to engage me and keep me awake on such a topic of EFA. Please engage her for more statistics workshops! I’ve benefited so much!

 Adeline, W.

​​This is such an excellent session! I have such a much clearer understanding of factor analysis. Thank you Dr. Picho and Thank you AERA!

– Regina, M.

I expected a great sessions; however this workshop exceeded my expectations. I look forward to another workshop with Dr. Picho. 

– Susan, N. M.

​​Thank you for a great course and for explaining it with just the right mix of statistical theory and practical applicability. Please offer more courses through AERA for us.  

 Jennifer, L.

I have had trouble sitting through these workshops because they run longer than my attention span. But todays was different. I can sit another two hours. 

 Elizabeth, A. 

As someone trained as an economist with a long history of interdisciplinary work and several previous starts at learning psychometrics, factor analysis, scale development, this was by far the clearest, most concrete presentation of this content I have seen. Thank you.

 Dahlia, R.