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Postdoctoral research opportunity at Morehouse College

The position is a part of the newly funded NSF Undergraduate STEM Success Center at Morehouse College.  This position would be great for someone interested in STEM Education, Psychometrics, and or  Data Science. 

As such, the individual hired for this position will be employed by Morehouse College but will work in part virtually on a contracted project directed by Dr. Stephen Culpepper of the University of Southern Illinois through the Analytic Hub. Dr. Culpepper’s work will help identify the latent structure underlying survey items and relate the latent structure to important outcomes, such as high school background, course grades, and/or retention (e.g., to the institution or within a STEM major) using machine learning techniques.

The goal is to create an assessment instrument that identifies affective factors associated with resilience. The data from individual HBCU’s could then describe, explain, and accurately predict educational outcomes across different contexts.

Please reach out to Dr. Rihana Mason if you have questions before applying.

Office Phone: 404-413-8247

To schedule a meeting:

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